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Tweet of Yesterday: Hurricane Irene Edition

by Wendy Thurm on August 26, 2011

So many baseball websites now features a Tweet of the Day, either as a daily feature or as an occasional good laugh.  You know I like to do things a bit differently around here.  So in my first Tweet of Yesterday, I’m going to highlight a tweet that was so good, so funny, that it got better with age.

We now know that Hurricane Irene has forced the cancellation of the Mets-Braves games scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. But yesterday afternoon, the weekend scheduling at CitiField was very much up in the air.

Braves beat writer extraordinaire David O’Brien was tweeting the various possibilities.  One follower (Bigbraves95) asked O’Brien about the possibility of a double-header on Saturday.  Here’s the tweet and response:

Notice how I said that O’Brien and Bigbraves95 were tweeting about a possible double-header. I figured that out from Bigbraves95′s use of the abbreviation DH.

Well, at least one of O’Brien’s followers–who I assume is at least a baseball fan, if not a Braves fan–wasn’t quite sure what was going on.  Here’s the exchange between O’Brien and EJF1180:

I think O’Brien handled it as well as he could.  What do you think?


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