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Off-Season Haiku: We Are All Wilson Ramos

    Home, with family We feel safe, comfortable Protected, at ease   Is it real, or not The safety, security Or just a belief   Who is watching you Are your neighbors friend or foe How you ever know   The games we play, games ...

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It’s been a long while since I’ve posted here. Almost two months. But if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I’ve been busy writing about baseball. Very busy. In early September, I started writing weekend features for Bas ...

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Giants versus Astros: A Seuss-like Tale

by Wendy Thurm on August 21, 2011


Henry Sosa, Henry Sosa

Wears his socks high, like hose-a

Henry Sosa, Henry Sosa

Former Giant, now oppose ‘em


Danny Runzler, Danny Runzler

Throw balls in the zone, sir

Danny Runzler, Danny Runzler

No walks, hits or runs, sir


Brandon Belt, hometown boy

Baby Giraffe, just like a toy

Brandon Belt, hometown boy

Three run homer, brings such joy


Danny Runzler, Danny Runzler

That’s too many walks, sir

Danny Runzler, Danny Runzler

Early shower for you, sir


From the bullpen runs Mota

Amped up like on soda

For strike zone, need a decoder

Don’t be the goat-a


Altuve, Bourgeois,

Martinez, Paredes

Who are these young lads

Eating breakfasts of Wheaties


Tie score after four

Four to four, no team would score

Scheirholtz tried on a fly

Martinez shut the door


And on it went

And on and on

Players on bases

No runs could be conned


‘Till the Panda stepped up

With a runner on first

And smacked a two-run homer

It was way, way gone


The Giants limp home, tired and hurt

One day off to rest up, then back on the dirt

The Padres are mashing, need to stay alert

If they want playoff logos on more Giants shirts



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