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MLB 11 Haiku: The Inside of a Baseball

by Wendy Thurm on July 29, 2011


My 10-year old son asked me to write a haiku about the inside of a baseball.  I don’t say yes to all of his requests, but on this one I said, “Why not.”





Cork and rubber ball

A small, densely packed center

Core of a baseball


Covered by rubber

One black layer and one red

This part is “the pill”


Gray wool yarn is next

Spun and spun and spun some more

Feet and feet of yarn


Windings they are called

Three made of grey woolen yard

One of white cotton


Four windings in all

Cover the pill, which surrounds

The cork, rubber core


Then comes the cowhide

Two white pieces, stitched as one

Ball’s outer layer


One hundred and eight

Red stitches of waxed red thread

Complete the baseball



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